• The Diamond

    The diamond shaped Louvre is gracefully rising from the ground, almost visualizing a holy trinity. Its triangular form is highlighting the inevitable connection between our very existence, architecture, and art - Paris, France

  • Cycle of Eternity

    At day's end, the smooth light is gently kissing the solid rocks. They embody eternity and longevity in a continuous cycle of nature. As a constant on this earth, those eternal rocks represent stability throughout time, in an ever-evolving world - Punakaiki, New Zealand

  • Cloud Station

    Always on the go, we find ourselves in an underground station that resembles a computerized system. Here, data is transferred with light speed in form of two "connector trains" going straight to the cloud. The reflected perspective of our technologically advanced future - Stockholm, Sweden

  • Valley of Fire

    The open road through the Valley of Fire is symbolizing our journeys of life. We might not always see what's behind each bump, around every rock, but need to trust that we will stay on track even when the unforeseeable happens. And if we trust our inner voice, it's going to be beautiful - Valley of Fire, NV, USA

  • Connection

    As the visual representation of overcoming obstacles, the Brooklyn Bridge symbolizes hope and change for the better. The American Dream is tangible, one stabilizing rope at a time - New York, USA

  • Metropolis

    The skyscrapers reach high, looking like peacefully standing watchtowers over the rest of the city complex from afar, as night falls on the metropolis, making time stand still for a moment -New York, USA

  • Perspective

    We look up at our grand creations from an outside perspective, allowing us to see how powerful we are, although we feel seemingly small under our own achievements, even overshadowed. Yet, if we slightly change our gaze, we see our full potential sky-high - New York, USA

  • Crossing Times

    The bridge, as a symbol of transition, is portraying the human advancement throughout time. Since it also has a strong meaning of connection, it represents the inevitable interconnectedness, the crossing of times, between a city's historic and modern eras - London, England

  • Wanaka Tree

    Surreal natural beauty with shades of purple and pink tinting the landscape in a smooth, warm light during sunrise. The Wanaka Tree in-midst the glass surface like lake is bowing to the breathtaking natural creations surrounding it - Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

  • Magical Gate

    A magical gateway to an enchanting Arabian world. Follow the walkway to a palace where modern, exhilarating Abu Dhabi meets the spirit of this country’s past times. Cross the threshold of an illuminated, color-changing magical entrance, emphasizing the changing, yet coming back, of times - Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, UAE

  • The Vatican

    As a symbol of faith and beauty the Vatican not only represents the Catholic Church, but reveals humans' power of imagination and knowledge which anyone is free to identify with, regardless of one's believes - Rome, Italy

  • Tower Mirror

    A reflection of the financial power in downtown Los Angeles, USA

  • C-Cloud

    Classic-Cloud is a metaphor for the "digital cloud" - It reminds us of the old days, when knowledge, art & literature were only available in physical places, such as museums, libraries and universities - you name it - Los Angeles, USA

  • Angels Reflection

    An architectural masterpiece that is art in itself: the bridge with its five beautifully curved arches is leading to Castel Sant'Angelo, symbolically acting as a “bridging” piece between times - also mirrored in the crystal clear waters -, while highlighting the beauty of both contemporary and historic times - Rome, Italy

  • Loop Station

    The architecture of this underground station in LA is truly unique and several interpretations of it exist. In this photograph, which I called the "Loop Station" - Here the captured light streams of the trains convey the feeling of traveling at light speed in a time warp. Huge ring accelarators surround the back-and-force travel. The transport station of the 22nd century - LA, USA

  • Into the Horizon

    The horizon within reach; an open door to another world as a focal point at the end of the pier. The dreamy Scripps Pier found in romantic La Jolla paves the seemingly smooth waters for a walk to the edge of the world - CA, USA

  • LA Streams

    DowntownLos Angeles at dusk highlighted by the dynamic vibes of traffic and business. The pulsating city of the west coast at its best - LA, USA

  • Heaven to Earth

    Etheral communication between Heaven and Earth as a light beam enters the Upper Antelope Canyon in Arizona, USA

  • Horseshoe Bend

    Nature in one if its most powerful, beautiful and deep-rooted forms. A natural symbol of good luck during sunset in a stunning place on earth, where color contrasts naturally show what mother earth is capable of: creating while being its own canvas - Horseshoe Bend, USA

  • Golden Wave

    "The Golden Wave" is a symbol of grace, prestige and continuity - LA, USA

  • Burj Al Arab

    At dusk, Dubai's magnificent luxury hotel Burj Al Arab. A striking sail-shaped building set asea on an island - Dubai, UAE

  • Stairs to Eternity

    Possibly the most beautiful staircase in the world. The architecture is so unique that it only belongs to the Eternal City- Rome, Italy

  • Eye of Berlin

    The Marie-Lüder-House, an architectural delicacy as part of the Parliament buildings during twilight -Berlin, Germany

  • Art of Living

    Or living art? In a tucked away world in itself, the colorful houses of Manarola after sunset, nestled on a rock formation and hidden in the adjacent rolling hillside. An illuminated village in a dreamy location inviting you to stay awhile - Cinque Terre, Italy

  • Enchantment of Tuscany

    Sunrise in the Tuscan valley resembling a painting. As fog is rolling through the hills revealing the magic of this inspiring landscape, with its natural forms, shapes, and lines - it's touching senses. A visual delight to the beholder’s eye and mind - Tuscany, Italy

  • Castle of the Holy Angel

    En route to the Vatican Castel Sant'Angelo is one of the most symbolic sites in Rome, Italy

  • Timeless

    Like an illuminated canvas do the colorful houses ascent the cliffside of the Amalfi Coast. They form a greater masterpiece against a purple-pink ish sky that does its magic as this dreamy, almost surreal looking town is slowing falling asleep - Positano, Italy

  • The Romance

    The Bridge of Sighs (Italian: Ponte dei Sospiri) - fitting in light of the calm, romantic atmosphere captured. A sight of admiration, love, and deep emotions for this city and its many water veins making up this place that emerged centuries ago. A romantic, almost mystical spirit leading to nostalgia is hovering over the serene waters of the canal - Venice, Italy

  • Venetian Grace

    A romantic dawn with waltzing gondolas in Venice, Italy

  • Venetian Dreams

    An enchanting sunset with a romantic vibe in quixotic Venice, Italy

  • Underground Art

    Functionality meets architecture of the underground: This elaborate metro station in the most cosmopolitan of cities in the UAE is a piece of art in itself using elements of symmetry, light, and contrasts mixed with a functional approach - Dubai, UAE

  • Magic Village

    Enchanting twilight at Lake Hallstatt. The partially illuminated village set against its crystal clear, calm lake creates a magical fairytale like setting at this stunning World Heritage Site - Hallstatt, Austria

  • Streamlines

    City flow at its finest in front of the impressive, skyhigh Burj Khalifa. The advanced, intertwined freeway system running through the urban body is heavily at work, breathing life into this city - Dubai, UAE

  • The Change

    It’s a city that’s marching towards leadership in the global business; a city that is re-defining itself daily; an urban hub that is seeking continuous change - for the better. Exactly that is symbolized by the dramatic, dark cloud formations rolling in and hovering over this Chinese megacity. An indication of what is yet to come - Hong Kong, China

  • Magical Dawn

    Spirits awakening at the Angkor Wat Temple at the crack of dawn. Golden hour strikes; a fiery red is standing in strong contrast to the reflected shadow of the temple complex. A spiritually powerful and majestic setting emphasizing peace and humbleness - Siem Reap, Cambodia

  • The Supertrees

    The Supertrees are a symbol of Singapore’s great efforts in combining technology and sustainable, “green”, thinking. A mix of technological advancement and environmental consciousness is the foundation of those, literally, Supertrees bringing on the nightly light show in front of the famous Marina Bay Sands - Singapore

  • Luminous

    The skyline of the Marina Bay area is an architectural masterpiece: This city is an ever-evolving, never-sleeping construct founded on sustainable thinking and innovative minds, emphasized by its luminous appearance - Singapore

  • Time Tunnel

    This perspective evokes a time tunnel capable of transporting anything anywhere in space. A remarkable metal construction in Cairns, Australia

  • Marina Bay Lights

    Green lights shining into the endless sky from the Marina Bay Sands Hotel during the incredible nightly Laser Show spectacularly symbolize the sustainable thinking of this city. As the Art Science Museum, resembling a lotus flower, is tinted in a charming rosé light, highlighting the symbiosis of nature and technology in architectural design, the Double Helix Bridge is impressing with playful lines and shapes that connect function and aesthetics - Singapore

  • Rainbow Bridge

    “Blue hour" surrounding the Rainbow Bridge that is illuminated as a connector between vibrant parts of the city; an important “vein” that transports life from one end to the other. An interwoven, complex web making up the thriving urban body - Tokyo, Japan

  • Rainbow Bridge II

    Blue sunset over a megacity. A creative, abstract capture of a ferry turning around in front of the gorgeous Rainbow Bridge. The boat, captured as a luminous, curved wave of lines, is symbolizing the much larger streams of life within this leading urban hub - Tokyo, Japan

  • Hong Kong Stream

    The traffic resembles a stream of oxygen pumped through the urban body. Rapidly, without a second to spare, is the essence of life streaming through the veins of this city. Alive, aware, conscious, moving - Hong Kong, China

  • The Perfect Reflection

    Acting as a mirror, the snow-covered mountains of Fox Glacier are reflected in the lake during the gorgeous sunrise slowing shedding light on the awe-inspiring seemingly effortless creations of mother nature. The lush green landscape is perfectly mirrored in the water; untouched nature upside down - Lake Matheson, New Zealand

  • Vertigo

    Even if the world turns upside down, there is a path that turns you into a great individual - Hong Kong, China

  • Hong Kong Multicolors

    Colorful skyline reflections on the water during night. They symbolically stand for the diverse, throbbing heart of this megacity; always a step ahead and embracing diversity as an important aspect of advancement - Hong Kong, China

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